Hi! We are Impactful.

We are a software based platform that was created for the purpose of providing lucrative investment opportunities that generate a lasting and profound impact.

Investors nowadays are looking to get more out of their investments than a simple financial return and they are looking for new and innovative way to diversify their portfolio. Impact investing is a perfect means of creating this diversification because of the numerous industries that facilitate impact investments.

Impactful has designed an easy-to-use platform that allows investors to register, FICA, and easily make an investments in a matter of minutes.

Principles of our work

Impactful sources investment opportunities from all over the world. The key contributing factor to any investment’s inclusion in the Impactful platform is its ability to create an  impact. Impactful sources investments that contribute directly towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Impactful has a wide network of partners and suppliers that creates Investment Opportunities that are transparent, trustworthy, and compliant.